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Added: October 16, 2011
RGR Club Race, October 16, 2011.
The Rio Grande Racers held their first club race of 2011 on Sunday, October 16. We had a good turnout and ran 6 classes. New boaters Chris and Ray Smith showed up to get their first taste of model boat racing. All in all we had a blast and look forward to our test day next Sunday, October 23rd. The next Club Race will be held in November, We will let you know as soon as we have a date!

Pictures courtesy of Chris and Meagan Smith.

10/16/2011 - Results:

1st Place Tony Solo 425 points
2nd Place Annmarie Keller 400 points
3rd Place Ray Smith 25 points

1st Place Tony Solo 800 points
2nd Place Annmarie Keller 300 points
3rd Place Ray Smith 225 points

G1 Mono
1st Place Tom Balliet 1100 points
2nd Place Annmarie Keller 400 points
3rd Place DJ Keller 325 points

G1 Cat:
1st Place Tony Solo 725 points
2nd Place Henry Keller 350 points

G1 Rigger:
1st Place Jay Stone 625 points
2nd Place Gary Gould 600 points
3rd Place Tony Solo 400 points

1st Place Jay Stone 400 points
2nd Place David Wale 25 points
3rd Place Henry Keller 0 points

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