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Added: February 4, 2012
Play day
What a beautiful day at Ascarate Lake! We had Larry Brazell join us and finally had the opprutunity to run his boats! Man he has some quick electrics! Bill Holcombe also joined us with his Stilletto Tunnel Hull. Bill made a few runs on the water and after finding the water line pinched off under the engine cowl, we had his boat running pretty strongly! Bill is waiting for his ZIPP Kits Electric rigger to arrive and he'll have a another boat to run with us! Tony Solo brought down his Zipp Kit riggers. Running his electric boat first he showed us what many of us suspect - there will be a ton of these boats in our club here shortly! He also ran his gas rigger a few times and had it honkin'. JC Greenlee finally ran his pursuit mono with the leopard 2000kv motor. The boat looked fast but the 25c rating on his battery proved to be not enough and he joined Ray "Puff Daddy" Smith in the battery puffing department. JC has ordered some new batteries and should be back soon with his new boat!

Jerry Wright and Dale Roberts joined us to test out a few boats. Jerry ran his new big block Insane rigger and it looked very promising. Dale ran his new big block Insane rigger and his new G4 sport hydro. Both boats looked great. Gary Gould ran his rigger and showed that it's getting a bit better. Henry Keller brought down his Insane Cat and Insane Rigger. Both looked good! David Wale brought out the ol' stars and stripes and shows that he finally has that combination working consistantly! Jay Stone brought out his Gould Rigger and decided he needs to make some turn fin changes with the boat. Dan Zatorski also joined us once again and was a huge help piloting the new 14' flat bottom retreive boat. We can't thank Dan enough for his contributions.

I took a few pics over the weekend and have included them in this update, also attached one video for you to enjoy!

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